The tireless barracudas patrol on watch paradise


The future success of AQUANAT TV will be insure by constantly changing the programmes and content. If the "Window on the ocean" and "Natural Aquarium" should be maintained because they are relaxing and colourful, the "Interactive Aquarium" will be changed progressively to compensate for the lack of subject matter.

In the short term, "specials" will be proposed; for example showing nocturnal images, attacks, mating rituals ...

In the medium term, programmes should get richer with HD images of other underwater sites made available by acquiring other films and/or installing video recording devices in other location, for example the Rangiroa Pass in  Polynesia. Another option is to increase the number of cameras on the existing site.

In the longer term, AQUANAT TV's ambition is to become the channel of the silent world. This evolution will be achieved by a progressive increase in the duration and content of the programmes and increasing the use of videos of other locations. We could, for example, have a day of "the most beautiful wrecks", or "news from the very deep", or show repeats of "The world of Jacques Cousteau".

In 2013 the East coast of Africa will be covered by the O3B satellite network providing high speed internet connections. The transmission of live HD data should then be possible without signal degradation.

Finally, the problem of filming in 3D will be studied one day soon. 



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