Of course, they will be there as well !


1.  Television: Broadcasting rights from national multi-TV packages should constitute the main source of income. Video on Demand should complete the television income. We can also add to this the sales of documentaries to general TV channels. The fact that every day we film and analyse our Garden of Eden, there will inevitably be sufficient matter to create an annual documentary rich in moving images.  

2.  Mobile phones, PC's and tablets: Submarine and aquarium subscription application already exist but remain relatively archaic. Without doubt, AQUANAT TV's more sophisticated proposal will easily find its place in this market. Waiting rooms and other public places also offer potential sources of income.

3. Publicity: The various broadcasting media will offer numerous formulas and prices.  

4. DVD and Blu-ray: Once the programmes have been broadcast on televisions, annual boxed sets could be made available for sale..   



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